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Everything you need to know about your favouite artists who will be performing live on the VJAM Stage at Festivale 2024 is below. Get ready to rock at Festivale 2024.

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Bachelor Girl

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Tania Doko and James Roche of Bachelor Girl have proven their enduring, much-loved status in Aussie music culture.

Their double platinum, Aria award winning debut album, featuring hit singles ‘Lucky Me’, ‘Treat Me Good’ and ‘Permission To Shine’, included the international smash, ‘Buses and Trains’. Written by James, it was credited as the most played Australian composition in the last 25 years.

The formidable coupling of songwriting and band performance excellence is landmarked by the recent announcement of Tania Doko’s place in the top 300 of Triple M’s ‘Greatest Singers of All Time’ list.



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With a career spanning over 45 years, ICEHOUSE is one of Australia’s most iconic bands, transcending age groups with their hit songs, well known and loved by audiences across generations, playing to sell-out, capacity audiences in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the World.

Formed by Iva Davies, the band’s frontman and musical creative force, ICEHOUSE went on to have an amazing 28 Platinum albums, eight Top 10 albums and over thirty Top 40 singles.

ICEHOUSE’s unofficial Australian anthem, Great Southern Land, is 40 years old and the band will be on tour in 2022 and 2023 to celebrate the song that’s been the soundtrack to everything from discussions about Mabo and the soundtrack to the Australian cricket team walking on the field, to having a plane named after it.

Great Southern Land has been a part of almost every Australian’s summer soundtrack for the past 40 years and in 2014, it was inducted into the National Film and Sound Archive’s Sounds of Australia registry. It’s also been remixed a number of times, most notably Bill Laswell’s The Great Southern Mix, clocking in at almost 16 minutes, and the Byrralku Dhangudha remix from 1994 which features Indigenous musicians playing and singing the chorus in their own language. Its message is as current and relevant today as it was when it first appeared.

In 2017, the band received another tribute when Qantas invited the public to vote for the names of the planes for their new fleet of Dreamliner 787-9s. Out of over 60,000 name suggestions submitted, Great Southern Land won the honour of the very first plane in the fleet being named after the iconic hit.

In the same year, ICEHOUSE also celebrated 40 years of live performance with a national Australian tour and several outdoor performances in New Zealand and has continued to perform selected concerts for sell-out audiences in both countries since then.

ICEHOUSE has toured Australia and New Zealand with sell out shows across both countries to rapturous audiences and reviews.


Rogue Traders

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Rogue Traders are an electric, pop rock band formed in 2000 by James Ash and fellow
original band member Steve Davis, both DJ’s and Producers hailing from the UK. In 2004
actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte joined the band on lead vocals, alongside Ash on keys,
Tim Henwood on guitar and Cameron McGlinchey on drums.

Throughout the decade, the group shot to fame achieving chart success both locally and
internationally, releasing 7 top 20 hits on the ARIA Singles Chart, ‘One of My Kind’, ‘Voodoo
Child’, ‘Way to Go!’, ‘Watching You’, ‘We’re Coming Home’, ‘Don’t You Wanna Feel’ and ‘I
Never Liked You’. Their most successful single, ‘Voodoo Child’, peaked at number #3 on the
UK Singles Chart, #4 in Australia, #7 in New Zealand and #15 on the Irish Singles Chart.

In 2005 the band release their classic album, ‘Here Come the Drums’, which was certified 4 x
platinum on the ARIA albums chart, in 2007 ‘Better in the Dark’ was released and certified
platinum by ARIA. In 2009 Mindi Jackson joined the band replacing Bassingthwaighte as front
woman and the Rogue’s went on to release their fourth critically acclaimed record ‘Night of
the Living Drums’.

Rogue Traders have sold over 1 million records worldwide and toured both nationally and
internationally. The band have been nominated for 10 x ARIA Awards, 3 x MTV Awards, 1 x
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, 1 x Inside Film Award and 8 x APRA Awards. Winning
APRA’s for ‘Way to Go’ and ‘In Love Again’ the ARIA for ‘One of a Kind’ MTV Award for
‘Voodoo Child’

Over the past few years, the group have taken a break from recording and touring, choosing
to spend time on their solo careers and family. Natalie Bassingthwaighte released a solo
album ‘1000 stars’ that went to straight #1 on the ARIA Chart and was certified gold. returned
to television, as host of Network Ten’s highly successful talent show, ‘So You Think You Can
Dance’ and then went on to become a judge on one of the countries most popular
entertainment programs ‘The X Factor’. James, Tim and Cameron continued to focus heavily
on music – writing, producing, recording and touring with a number of acclaimed Australian
musicians over the years. All 4 members have never steered too far away from music.

In 2015, a monumental reunion took the stage, featuring James Ash, Natalie
Bassingthwaighte, Tim Henwood, and Cam McGlinchey – all back together after a long
hiatus. The energy ignited anew, setting stages ablaze and leaving audiences hungry for
more. Fast forward to 2023, their fresh single “To The Disco” stormed the iTunes Dance
Chart at #1. Get ready, because Rogue Traders are gearing up to share more electrifying
music, proving their legendary status only deepens over time.

For more information and to be kept up to date, please visit: www.roguetraders.net


Vanessa Amorosi

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This far into her stellar career, Vanessa Amorosi remains one of the most exciting singers on the
planet. Her song-writing and dynamic vocal range have seen the artist sell over two million records
worldwide. She has released seven commercially and critically acclaimed studio albums, received
sixteen ARIA and APRA nominations, and stopped the world in it’s tracks with her performance of
‘Heroes Live Forever’ and ‘Absolutely Everybody’ at the Sydney Olympics.

Vanessa reached incredible success in 1999 with her debut single ‘Have A Look’ followed by megahits in Australia and Europe with ‘Absolutely Everybody’ and ‘Shine.’ Her debut album ‘The Power’
reached #1 in Australia, #7 in the United Kingdom, #1 in Hungary and the top 10 in several European
countries. This was followed by a European tour performing to thousands of people for over two solid
years at the age of twenty.

In 2008 Vanessa returned with her third album ’Somewhere In The Real World.’ That year, radio
smash-hit ‘Perfect’ became the most played song by an Australian artist.

2009 saw the release of platinum-selling ‘Hazardous.’ The first single to be released, ‘This Is Who I
Am’ debuted at #1 on the ARIA singles chart and achieved Double Platinum sales. That same year,
Vanessa had the honor of recording duets with superstar Mary J. Blige and American rock band
Hoobastank. Vanessa has toured worldwide to millions and joined the stage supporting incredible
artists including Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), KISS, INXS, Rob Thomas, Savage Garden, Macy Gray,
Bryan Adams and touring Europe with Joe Cocker.

In 2019 Vanessa released her fifth studio album ‘Back To Love’ followed by an Australian solo tour
and successful festival tours ‘Red Hot Summer Tour’ and ‘One Electric Day.’ In 2020, Vanessa
released ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ made up of songs that had been previously rejected by major
labels. The album debuted at #1 on the AIR 100% Independent Music Charts and #2 on the ARIA
Digital Albums Chart.

In 2022 Vanessa was back in the charts with her fourth Top 10 album, ‘City Of Angels,’ debuting at #1
on the ARIA Australian Albums Chart, #7 on the ARIA Album Chart and #1 on the Independent Music
Charts. ‘City Of Angels’ was released through Vanessa’s own indie Record Label ’Scream Louder

Known to experiment with multiple genres, Vanessa has teamed up once again with Dave Stewart on
the upcoming soul/blues album ‘Memphis Love,’ set for release on Stewart’s Bay Street Records in
November 2023. “Collaboratively producing this with Dave Stewart was a dream, inspiring me to
explore boundless vocal possibilities, free from any constraints,” says Vanessa. Recorded at
Memphis Royal Studios in Tennessee, the album showcases Vanessa’s powerhouse vocals and
soulful influences.


The Beautiful Girls

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What’s in a name? South Carolina singer-songwriter Sam Beam launched his international career under the “band name” Iron & Wine, while fellow South Carolina native, singer, songwriter and producer Chaz Bear travels as Toro Y Moi. The world knows Canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Afie Jurvanen far better as Bahamas, while, fresh out of Western Australia, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Perth’s Kevin Parker, has conquered the world in his guise as Tame Impala. Similarly, over on the east coast, fellow Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mat McHugh is and always has been The Beautiful Girls, though for some reason, that fact seems to have often proven oddly elusive to both fans and media alike.

“Even from the very early days,” recalls McHugh, “when it all first started, it was a toss of a coin whether the project would be under my name or something else. I’d just come back from overseas in 2001 and the earliest incarnation of the songs were completely four-tracked, back in the day of four- and eight-track tape machines – pre-computers – and every part would be written – every drum fill, every bass line… I’ve always just heard fully-formed songs in my head, and pretty early on, I figured out the easiest way to communicate them to people was to record them myself. Those tapes ended up in the hands of a couple of friends who agreed to come and play some shows with me. That was the beginning The Beautiful Girls.”

Within a year, McHugh had independently released two Beautiful Girls EPs – Morning Sun and Goodtimes – with the collective’s debut album, Learn Yourself, released in 2003. From its inception McHugh always operated The Beautiful Girls as a “collective” rather than a “band”, a project in which various players came and went depending on what the music he was writing at the time required.

“Writing the songs, I’d approach it like a playwright. I knew the ‘actors’ – the musicians – and I knew their strengths. So if I had a saxophone part, I’d know who I wanted to play that part and knew how they would play and I’d write for them. Similarly with drums and keyboards, I would write for that person, and then in an ideal world we’d all go out and perform that album, and line-ups would be different from album to album, from one tour to the next.”

Musically The Beautiful Girls has always been as diverse as the music that inspired him growing up.

“I grew up in a single-parent low-income suburb by the beach,” McHugh explains, “and, while my mother was working, I spent a lot of time being raised by the surf and skate community. I’d always be hearing hip hop and reggae and punk rock on the sound-systems at parties or blaring out of the back of cars on the way to the surf. Now that I look back on it, and even when I started writing my own music, all these sounds kind of mashed together into one combined soundtrack for me. When it was my turn to contribute musically, I only ever wanted to make a sound that was representative of the sound that I was immersed in growing up. A mash-up of all of those styles that I loved would be, I figured, the perfect way to express my past, my present, and might help create my future. There wasn’t really anyone doing something similar locally when I started. I was fooling around with my acoustic songs by adding dub bass lines and hip hop grooves on a beat-up old drum kit in my garage. I was singing in a mellow style about my real feelings while all my other friends in bands were playing punk rock and screaming at the world. I still really love that stuff but I felt like my own musical expression lay elsewhere.’”

McHugh’s music was obviously a “mash-up” that struck a chord, not only in Australia but internationally. Two years after releasing its debut EP, The Beautiful Girls were touring Japan, Canada and the US. Throughout, McHugh kept writing, with another EP, Weight of the World, released in 2005, and a Brazilian musician, Felipe Kmiecik, joining the collective on keyboards, melodica and harmonica for the subsequent Australian tour. Kmiecik also featured on the second album, We’re Already Gone, released in July that year and reaching #19 on the ARIA Album Chart as well as being nominated for an ARIA award, a Triple J ‘J Award’, and scoring a coveted spot on Richard Kingsmill’s top 10 albums of the year list. Julia Stone was another guest vocalist on the album.

“As the music has evolved,” McHugh adds, “it’s become more about intensifying each of the elements. To this day, I still have the same blueprint. There’s always got to be this underpinning dubby rhythm and a certain propulsion to the groove. I try to keep the lyrics raw and real and to keep a punk rock spirit in the approach… All the elements, I feel, have just become more refined and better articulated over time. More life, more fire.”

The third album, Ziggurats, released in May 2007, reached #21 on the ARIA chart and included I Thought About You, which was nominated in the 2008 APRA Music Awards in the Blues & Roots Work of the Year category. Along the way, The Beautiful Girls continued playing stages across Japan, the UK, Europe, Brazil, the US and Canada as well as Australia. By now, however, it was also becoming increasingly obvious to McHugh that there was so much music pouring out of him that he needed to release a ‘solo’ album, which he duly did – Separatista! By 2010 The Beautiful Girls could look back on a dozen world tours in just eight years, no mean feat for any act but particularly impressive when you consider McHugh was doing it all independently – not a single major label or corporate sponsorship in sight!

Between Beautiful Girls releases – 2010’s Spooks and 2014’s Dancehall Days – and despite being forced off the road once again – there’d been a motorcycle accident in LA in 2008 – this time by a ruptured appendix, McHugh also managed to squeeze out a second solo album, Love Come Save Me, in April 2012. And in the past decade, every song sung, every note played, every beat struck on a Beautiful Girls record has all been down to Mat McHugh.

“I think what’s happened now,” he says, “is that I’ve reached a style that I can call my own. I feel like it really sounds like me and it’s honest and authentic. I can hear where I came from and how long it took me to get here,” McHugh reflects. “Along the way there’s been a lot of challenging both myself and the audience from one album to the next; a lot of restless experimentation to see how far I could stretch out. All I know is I feel super fortunate I’ve been given the support to be able to grow and get stronger over the years. In some weird way I feel like I’ve only, just now, reached the starting line. From the moment I first started writing music I’ve always felt that it’s important to fight for each moment – that it’s the only place where people, and songs, are truly alive. It’s only after time has passed – I’m learning – that all these moments, someday, they all add up to something.”

So, what’s in a name? Mat McHugh was, is and always has been The Beautiful Girls, and there’s a lot more extraordinary music yet to come from the man behind the name.



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Diesel has personified a life’s devotion to music in an outstanding four-decade, million-record-selling career.

His fans have cheered him on along a remarkable road of vital and varied endeavours, whether he’s excelling as a blues man or soul stylist, as a pop devotee or rock powerhouse, or with all elements in unison as the dynamic and acclaimed live performer Diesel’s audiences know him to be. Music lovers hail him as a guitarist’s guitarist, while the industry seeks him out as an in-demand guest instrumentalist, songwriter, engineer, and producer.

DIESEL: With 100 million+ streams, 43 singles, 16 albums, 6 ARIA Awards, and 1 million+ record sales, DIESEL embodies contemporary music mastery. A musician, singer, songwriter, and performer. With 4,000 live shows under his belt, DIESEL is a certified journey man. In 2022, DIESEL hosted ABC National’s concert & interview series Days Like These, now on ABC iView. The Hepfidelity 30th anniversary album, featuring 10 bonus tracks, debuted Aug 22: #1 on ARIA Vinyl Charts,#4 on Aria Australian Album charts. Triple Platinum (210,000+ sales).Upcoming: New DIESEL single out Aug 25. New Rock/Pop album drops Oct 13.



Find out more about our hilarious Festivale comedy artists who will be entertaining you at the Chefs in Action marquee on Friday and Saturday at Festivale.

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Joel Creasey

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Joel Creasey is one of Australia’s most-popular, acclaimed and charmingly controversial stand-up comedians, radio and television presenters.

Broadly known as part of Australia’s national #1 FM Drive Show for 46 surveys ‘Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel’, Joel has also recently hosted ‘New Leash On Life’, a heartwarming new series for ABC Television. This documentary style series focuses on improving the lives of both humans and canines in need, bringing the two together in a beautiful mutual rescue. Joel has also hosted SBS’s Eurovision for seven consecutive years, as well as the ‘Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ parade for five years.

A self-described shameless “fame whore”, Joel has become a television staple on commercial networks and streaming platforms with his most recent stand-up comedy special released this year, ‘Joel Creasey: Queen of the Outback’ filmed at the fabulous Broken Heel Festival for Amazon Prime Video. Joel’s stand-up special ‘Thirsty’ is on Netflix’s Comedians of the World and was launched globally to rave reviews. A second broadcast stand-up special, ‘Fame Whore’, filmed at the iconic Sydney Opera House, features on Amazon Prime worldwide and 10Play.

In the world of stand up, Joel has had sell out tours of Australia, the UK, Asia and the USA. With his first solo tour at the age of 19 earning him a Best Newcomer nomination at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Joel has gone on to present ten acclaimed, sell out tours. Joel was fortunate enough to be hand-picked by the legendary Joan Rivers as her US support act with Joan going on to say “He is a f*cking star!”.

Joel has harnessed his outrageous wit, sass and unrivalled story telling abilities to cement himself as Australia’s undisputed ‘Crown Prince of Comedy’ and one of the most-sought after and hottest comedians in the world.


Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann

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Full-time Funny Person, Radio Host, TV Presenter & Occasional Actor.

Lehmo is one of Australia’s most experienced and well-travelled comedians. His live work has seen him headline at comedy clubs for well over fifteen years and work all corners of the globe. You may know him from Utopia, The Cheap Seats, Before The Game, Triple M, The Beep Test, The Project or that time he held the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in an hour (549 jokes).


Nat’s What I Reckon

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Nat is a comedian, rock musician, mental health advocate and now award-winning, best-selling author. Already an online creator with a fan base in the hundreds of thousands for almost a decade, Nat’s What I Reckon rocketed into global prominence when he first took the world by storm in early 2020 with his isolation cooking content.

His hilarious social commentary has collected a solid and dedicated audience of over four million, with videos consistently clocking up views well into the millions along the way. Nat’s love for taking the playful piss has seen him riff on everything from trade shows and tattoo events to burnout festivals and exploring “the wrong” Area 51.

The channel blew up when in response to the craziness he was seeing at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nat declared war against processed food. After observing that pasta jar-sauce shelves had been picked clean by hoarders but fresh produce sections were bursting with untouched fruit & veg, Nat launched a no-nonsense video featuring one of his one of his own favourite home-cooked pasta sauce recipes. With his classic sweary style and signature spin and whistle the clip rapidly took Nat to a new level of viral. This new pivot for the channel saw Nat’s audience expand exponentially and win him A-list fans including Courtney ActDave Grohl and Yael Stone and frequent collaborator Briggs – and most importantly successfully get people back into cooking fresh produce and away from packaged meals!

Nat with his co-creator, designer and producer Julia Gee as equal partners in the channel have used their platform to hold a tongue-in-cheek mirror up to antiquated culture norms and societal politics, often unveiling irony and making light of how strange everyday life can be. As Nat told The Guardian, “I’ve always made fun of that narrow-minded boofhead thing. The trade-show reviews I did were all about sticking it to boys’ clubs. Boats, burnouts, that kind of shit.”

Nat has been open about his battle with anxiety and depression – including thoughtfully reviewing mental health for a popular ‘Is It Sh*t?’ segment on the channel. He was an ambassador for The Big Anxiety Festival and has shared his experiences on a Stand-up For Mental Health comedy spot for ABC TV – again using his platform to destigmatise the experience by encouraging conversation and using his wit to give fellow sufferers a laugh.

Nat’s live comedy debut, the On Purpose tour was a multi-media extravaganza – with audience participation, video and even an anxiety game show. With his honest, forthright and often touching style having earned Nat a strong and engaged social media community, they eagerly snapped up tickets to experience Nat’s live show – selling out and adding shows to the tour and Comedy Festivals across Australia. This included his biggest show to date, a sell-out at Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre for Sydney Comedy Festival, as well as two shows filmed before sold-out audiences at 6am and 10am in Sydney and live-streamed to the UK and Canada in the first real-time streamed lockdown events of their kind globally.

In September 2020 Nat announced his first ever book, an “unhelpful self-help guide” – the book went straight to the #1 Bestsellers spot on both Booktopia and Book Depository on pre-orders alone. Un-cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules for Life, published by Penguin Random House, won Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Book Award in early 2021, with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard accepting Nat’s donation of the $5,000 prize money on behalf of Beyond Blue. Un-cook Yourself was also named a finalist for the ‘Oscars of the book industry’ – the prestigious 2021 Australian Book Industry Awards. The book was subsequently selected as the best Australian book in the ‘Innovative’ category in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Sales for the book reached 50,000 in the first nine months in Australia alone.

Nat’s second book, Death To Jar Sauce: Rad Recipes For Champions debuted at #2 on Booktopia immediately on announcement, swiftly going on to take out the top spot in the charts in just a week. Nat’s What I Reckon were once again nominated for both an Australian Book Industry Award (this time for Illustrated Book Of The Year) and Favourite Australian Book Award, with the 25 recipe illustrated cookbook going on to earn Nat the “Favourite Australian Book of 2021 title” and donate the prize money to Beyond Blue for the second year running.

In November 2022 the prolific author released his third book in as many years.
In Life: What Nat to Do – Nat’s “unrequested take on pushing back against expectations and rolling through life with some laughs and kindness like a real, righteous ratbag!” – Nat targets the tired old life advice he’s had enough of in his trademark sweary, piss-takey style. The hot take on the advice you never asked for once again took Nat straight to number #2 on the Booktopia charts upon release and saw him shortlisted for both a Favourite Australian Book award and an ABIA Award (for “Audiobook Of The Year”) once more.

Due to Nat’s claim that he’s shit at trivia, he wanted to create a game that everyone has a 50/50 chance of winning, and so the Yeah Nah Game was born, with Imagination Games announced they were relasing the Nat’s What I Reckon board game in November 2021.

Nat has been invited to guest-program ABC TV’s iconic rage music show, join a panel and present a video in collaboration with Briggs at music conference BIGSOUND 2020, a talk for TEDx Sydney, and the ARIA awards for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Dance. Courtney Act chose Nat to be one of only six guests for her season of ABC TV’s long-form interview show, Courtney Act’s One Plus One.

The National Film And Sound Archive Of Australia recognised the importance of Nat’s What I Reckon’s contribution to society during the pandemic and honoured them with inclusion in their curated collection: Creativity in The Time of Covid: Documenting A Nation In Lockdown. Nat and Julia were also selected to represent the collection with participation in an NFSA Livestream: Creativity in the Time of COVID discussion, recorded in May 2021.

In March 2022 Nat and Jules launched their joint Spotify Original podcast, Food Crime. A hilarious investigation into the seedier side of food, the smart, funny and biting buffet of educational and interesting information went straight to the top of the podcast charts on its release. The fact-packed and funny podcast revolves around stories about food getting caught up in the world of crime. Murder, poison, heists… all with a side of piss–taking and taste testing.

When he’s not filming, foraging for rosemary or having strangers ask him how hot it is, Nat can often be found indulging his love of rock n roll, playing in various bands and stand-up comedy rooms around Sydney.


Christian Hull

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An AACTA nominated Australian comedian and content creator who was accumulated over 670 million views on his plethora of hilarious videos, the irrepressible Christian Hull is often recognised from his enthusiasm over a T-shirt folder, excitement over guessing paint colours, and reactions to 5-minute craft hacks or trying to find the soy sauce Coles mini.

With hilarious content that never fails to hit, Christian has earned over 65m likes and 1.7m followers on TikTok, 1.2m on Facebook and over a quarter of a million Instagram followers – totalling a whopping 3.3 million followers across social media.

Christian’s iTunes-topping Complete Drivel podcast was born in 2016, as a natural extension to the short-form clips that had already earned him a hundreds of thousands-strong following. Despite his assertion that Complete Drivel was ‘a complete waste of time’, the frank, honest and customarily kooky podcast was a mainstay in the iTunes Top 50, as listeners could not get enough of Christian’s open discussion of everything from his sexual experiences to general chit-chat and updates on his life.

With his debut live stand-up show ‘Complete Drivel‘ selling 7889 of a possible 7890 tickets across 8 cities in 2018, Christian extended the tour into 2019, adding shows to meet demand along the way. His follow-up ‘What A Mess‘ proved another smashing success, with Christian continuing to bring the ebullient, infectious energy from his videos to live shows – receiving audience and critical acclaim, including making  TimeOut Sydney’s ‘Best Comedians We Saw At Sydney Comedy Festival’ list in 2022.

Christian’s hilarious, no-filter memoir Leave Me Alone, published in 2021 by Allen & Unwin was an instant best-seller, going on to make the final 10 nominees for Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Book Award.

With his fiercely loyal, highly engaged fan base, Christian was encouraged to launch his ‘Fuck Off Empire‘ – with his creative ideas for more scandalous swag constantly proving a hit with his fans, selling millions of units globally.

Hull is profoundly, irresistibly, undeniably likeable – and very bloody funny.

★★★★ TimeOut Sydney (The Best Comedians We Saw At Sydney Comedy Festival 2022)

A very funny man. Hull’s appeal is far reaching and broad and the love for him is palpable.

★★★★ XpressMag

Unique, comical and highly relatable… a look into the world of Christian Hull.

★★★★ Impulse Gamer


Kirsty Webeck

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Kirsty wins fans and hearts everywhere she goes with her upbeat and relatable brand of comedy that is often described as playful, light-hearted and fun. A gifted storyteller, she has a natural ability for turning the mundane into the hilarious and has quickly become one of the most popular Australian comedians in the industry.

Recently, her career has grown exponentially, cementing her as a regular fixture on the Australian comedy circuit. She’s toured Australia with Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, appeared on the Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow in 2021, 2022 and 2023, performed on the Sydney and Perth Comedy Festival opening night galas and hosted the comedy stage at The Falls Festival in Byron Bay.

Her TV appearances include Question Everything, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Just for Laughs, The Project, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Paramount Plus, The Allstars Gala, and SBS’ Celebrity Letters and Numbers. She’s also a regular guest on ABC radio and comedy podcasts across the country.


chefs in action

Read more about our wonderful celebrity Chef Matt Moran and some of Launceston’s fabulous chefs that will be creating incredible dishes with locally sourced Tasmanian produce at Chefs in Action, presented by Pyengana Dairy. The full program will be announced in November 2023.

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Celebrity guest chef 2024

Matt Moran

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With over 30 stellar years in the food industry behind him, a plethora of awards to his name, a handful of best-selling cookbooks under his belt, and the tour de force behind some of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments; it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Australian food icon.


Food philosophy

At the heart of every one of Matt’s endeavours lies a passion for fresh, seasonal produce. This philosophy is showcased in his award-winning contemporary Australian menus that emphasise seasonal ingredients, balanced flavours, and premium-quality produce.

Matt is a pioneer in Australia of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy and a firm believer in the importance of consumers being connected to the source of their food. Chiswick has a kitchen garden that the chefs frequent to pick fresh greens, garnishes, fruit, and vegetables each day.

If it is out of season, it is not on the menu. Matt also loves to support inspirational local and regional producers, growers, and farmers—each with their own unique stories, that he believes makes eating so much more special.

This seed was planted early for Matt, who spent his childhood on a farm, where a commitment to the land, love of food and seasonal, local produce were instilled in him.


An evolving empire

Matt started his food career at the age of 15 as an apprentice at La Belle Helene Restaurant in Roseville, on Sydney’s North Shore. Here, he discovered the art of classical French cooking which remains the foundation of his cooking today.

Matt opened his first restaurant, The Paddington Inn Bistro, in 1991 at just 22 years old. In 1995 he opened Moran’s Restaurant and Café, which was awarded best new restaurant in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. In 1999, at the age of 30, Matt opened his iconic two-hat restaurant, Aria, in an unparalleled location on Sydney Harbour.

He continued to expand his portfolio of venues with the opening of Opera Bar, Chiswick in Woollahra, North Bondi Fish, Chophouse and his most recent and innovative offering, Barangaroo House, an inspirational three-storey venue in the breathtaking new Barangaroo precinct in Sydney.

As his business continues to grow, Matt is dedicated to developing the people at the heart of his businesses, fostering their passions, encouraging professional development and providing exceptional opportunities within the food industry.


Beyond the kitchen

Matt is one of Australia’s most recognised, celebrated and influential chefs, having hosted prime-time shows such as Masterchef and Masterchef Junior, Heat in the Kitchen, The Chopping Block, My Restaurant Rules, The Bank, his own conceptualised award-winning TV show Paddock to Plate and The Great Australian Bake Off alongside Maggie Beer, on Foxtel.

Matt is a published author. He has written five best-selling cookbooks: Matt Moran’s Australian Food (2017), Matt’s Kitchen Garden (2014), When I Get Home (2013), Dinner at Matt’s (2011) and Matt Moran (2008).

 Among other achievements, he is also a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers globally and he is a member of the culinary panel for Singapore Airlines designing in-flight menus. He was also awarded GQ’s Chef of the Year in both 2012 and 2014 and has been part of the national judging panel for the coveted Delicious Produce Awards, since its inception in 2005. Matt is frequently requested both in Australia and overseas to cook for private events and dinners as well as food festivals and give keynote presentations on hospitality, food, farming, and sustainability.

Matt is also a fourth-generation farmer and still owns a farm to this day. He has a true love of the land and is passionate about farming and creating exceptional produce. Moran Family Farm is located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia and supplies premium quality lamb, pork and beef to Matt’s restaurants.

He is one of only a handful of chefs invited to cook at the prestigious James Beard House and in 2019 he became the only Australian chef, and one of only five historically, to be invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos where he spoke of transparency and sustainability in food systems.


Amazing Tasmanian Chefs

The full program will be announced in November 2023.

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Courtney Hill

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Courtney Hill – Executive chef and Co-Founder of Dare Darlin restaurant Tasmania. With a humble upbringing in New Zealand, influenced by a fusion of Arab and local cuisines, Courtney developed a deep appreciation for the fundamentals and the art of blending flavours from an early age.

Driven by passion and the pursuit of the best, Courtney set her sights on a destination where she could surround herself with the best in the industry – the finest chefs, thriving markets, exceptional seafood, and solid soil. Recognizing the limitations of her small hometown in New Zealand, Courtney made the bold decision to embark on a one-way journey to a new country.

Throughout her culinary journey, Courtney has explored renowned restaurants across Australia and internationally. While each establishment showcased remarkable culinary offerings, Courtney affirms that nothing compares to the unrivaled quality of produce, genuine warmth, exceptional hospitality, and the dedicated growers and farmers that Tasmania has to offer.

For Courtney, cooking transcends passing trends, social media platforms, and consumerism. It is rooted in reality, accessibility, and the power of creating unforgettable experiences. She is committed to crafting exceptional dishes while upholding the values of sustainability and accessibility whilst supporting local producers, and celebrating the essence of Tasmania’s unique food culture.


Hedeh Nakano

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Hedeh, originally hailing from Osaka, Japan, embarked on a culinary journey over a decade ago that would lead him to the charming city of Launceston.

You might have spotted Hedeh on Saturday mornings, slinging okonomiyaki at the local Harvest market. More recently, he’s opened a permanent location on Charles Street, where he creates his delicious rice bowls.

Hedeh would love to share with you one of his favourite dishes that he shares with his family. Temakizushi (hand rolled sushi), the ultimate way to experience sushi, with the rice still warm and the nori crisply embracing the ingredients.

Chef Hedeh will guide you through the process of preparing a spread of temakizushi fillings. From succulent teriyaki chicken made from Nichols chicken thigh to the freshest raw fish, fluffy egg omelettes, parilla leaves, sautéed roasted carrots, sushi rice, and delicate nori sheets.
Temakizushi is incredibly versatile, and a great choice for a mid week family dinner, it might even rival Taco Tuesdays!


Louis Smyrk

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Chef Louis Smyrk, a seasoned culinary maestro with over two decades of experience, has journeyed through the kitchens of prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe, including stints under the tutelage of culinary luminaries like Gordon Ramsay and the Pourcel brothers in France. Having amassed a wealth of gastronomic expertise, Chef Louis has returned to his Tasmanian roots, driven by a singular vision to craft extraordinary dining experiences and create lasting culinary memories.

Back on home soil, he orchestrates a symphony of flavours, utilizing the freshest local produce that Tasmania has to offer at his restaurant Luz.

In describing his culinary philosophy, Chef Louis likes using classical French and Italian techniques with a modern twist. Expressing profound enthusiasm for the local Tasmanian produce and an unwavering commitment to excellence, a deep love for local ingredients, and a desire to create a culinary haven in Launceston, Chef Louis Smyrk invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

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